Before the elaboration of each project, AB Italia’s technical design staff carries out a long and in-depth study aimed at gaining a substantial understanding of the place where the project will be carried out. The so-called “study of the place” involves a non-superficial knowledge of its geographical, climatic and environmental connotation. But, perhaps more importantly, it involves a meticulous study of the traditions, culture and history of that place, with great respect for all environmental and cultural canons.

Only afterwards will project leaders come forward to hypothesize and present their conclusions and proposals on the possible environmental framework in which to place the project, envisaging the inclusion of green or urban furniture, decorative architectural elements such as fountains, pools, driveways and flowerbeds, but also floral elements and plant species to be proposed, with the aim of developing a project with a highly technical and landscape profile. All of this is possible thanks to experts in the field of landscape architecture, a tradition typical of Italian landscape culture.

The perfect combination of plants, flowers, colours and architectural elements plays a predominant role. A study of the landscape thus becomes fundamental as it is no longer considered simply as an external area of the project, but as an extension and completion of it for a perfectly harmonious result, whether it is located in Italian, English or Mediterranean gardens or in the middle of an urban setting.

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