The term boiserie derives from the French word ‘bois”, meaning wood, and is a decorative technique consisting of covering walls with wooden panels worked in different ways. Very popular in France from the 17th century on wards, this technique was used from the beginning to embellish interiors, decorate rooms and characterize spaces.

AB Italia can boast many years of experience doing boiseries that allow you to create very elegant and absolutely refined rooms, a perfect combination of the most modern trends and the typical craftsmanship of these decorations. These are stylistically linked to the past, present and future.

AB Italia’s boiseries are mainly made of wood, often lacquered or polished: there is a wide choice of selected woods. The wall coverings can also be cus tomized with boiseries that can be enriched with engravings, inlays, carvings, friezes and decorations, as well as inserts in marble and precious fabrics, mirrors, metals or specially made sculptural elements.

The aim each time is to create a setting for people to spend time that is classy and refined, cosy and sophisticated, unique and individual.

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