Interior design

Interior design deals with the design and development of interior spaces to create an optimal environmental context for the people who will perceive and experience the designed space, by anticipating their needs, satisfying their desires and emotions.

After listening to clients’ requests and expectations, these are reinterpreted not only in terms of every smallest detail from an aesthetic and living point of view, for a space that, through choices and suggestions, can always excite through colours and objects, walls and ceilings. Creative and technical solutions are developed and applied to every single corner of the designed spaces.

AB Italia’s design team take care of all phases in the development of each interior design project: from the technical drawings to be delivered to the production team, to the study of materials, to the research and presentation of the furnishing elements that will then be included in each project, from the technical projects for the systems to the choice of colour combinations and lighting effects. Everything is constantly under control.