AB Italia-Factory

AB Italia is a company that sells its products all over the world, relying on a modern and international organization. At the same time, it retains its sensitivity to good taste as well as the skills of highly expert cabinetmakers. The reasons for this dual nature may be found in its history and the history of the Pellizzoni family. "Paolo Pellizzoni and sons" was established in 1922, becoming one of the prestigious workshops in northern Italy's important Brianza area, where the most important Italian quality furniture district is located even today. At the end of World War II, one of the sons followed his father's legacy to found "Pellizzoni Giuseppe" and, along with Italy, embarked on the road to modernity. The company had avant-garde equipment, a few dozen workers, and began to sell its products throughout Italy. In the 1960s, the company grew even larger and more solid, adding Giuseppe's children as it changed its name to “Pellizzoni srl." This new organization already included almost all the elements that would distinguish the future AB Italia. Its craftsmen had the most advanced technology at their disposal, and its laboratory trained the finest masters of art. Its products were sold outside Europe as well, even in Japan and the Americas. Along with its standard furniture, it began the tradition of custom-made furnishings with luxurious boiserie. As the fourth generation arrived and Mauro Pellizzoni entered the company, new styles were explored with increasing interest, with the express goal of fulfilling its customers' desires. AB Italia was established as a contract entity, inheriting and refining the ability to design and create complete interiors.

AB Italia-Furniture

Study, reworking and production of classic and contemporary furniture, in the styles and interpretations that have marked the history of Italian and European furniture

AB Italia-Contract project

Study of the Customer's spaces and analysis and historical and iconographic research
Ideas and preliminary design with drafts and study of colors, materials, decorations, furnishings and comparison with the Customer's expectations
3D presentation of design
Visits and surveys and production of samples and examples
Finely crafted construction, exclusive customized solutions for boiserie, cabinets, doors, furniture and accessories with technologically advanced solutions
Hand-crafted carving, inlays, friezes, decorations, done by specialized cabinet-makers
Study and creation of exclusive finishes such as glazing, antiquing, polishing
Special solutions for doors and windows, including motorized mechanisms, custom designed
Quality control and inspection
Consulting, support and assistance in selection and supply of accessory furnishing components such as floors, marbles, appliances, lamps, upholstery and objects
Handling of formalities for transport and delivery of goods and items
Installation and assembly on work site
After sales assistance

AB Italia/Gruppo Pellizzoni    Via Brianza 57    22063 Cantù loc. Vighizzolo (CO) Italy    ph. +39.031.730203    fax +39.031.731899